Puppy Collar Versus Puppy Harness

Published: 31st July 2009
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Puppy collars versus Puppy Harness

After understanding this article you will more than likely favor the harness instead of the collar.
No matter which product you make use of just make certain that it fits correctly.
Dogs and puppies have a habit of trying to get out of both the pet collars and pet harnesses.

Here at Scott's Puppy Palace we favor the Harness above the collar. With tiny breed dogs their necks are so tiny and can be easily damaged with tugging or pulling.

We in addition have had the horrid experience of coming back home to discover a pet stressed and hurt after getting the collar jammed in her cheek, lodged in the jaw. My mother in law had this take place to her Chihuahua. Her face was puffy and her mouth was even bleeding.

We put a pet collar on one our Morkies and found her a couple hours later in a panic with the same problem. Again she had managed to get the collar jammed in her jaws and could not get it out.

Of course both pets were ok, but if this happened while you were at away you can imagine! I purchased the Velcro harness that fits snuggly in the front of the breast as well as secured around the upper ribs.

Each harness has a D ring on the back where you clip your retractable dog restraint. Your pet can wear the harness at all times for trouble-free and quick restraint attachments.

Your puppy will be taught very quickly and will not be harmed with the pet harness.
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